Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Four small walls

Hello and welcome!

I have finally got  to 'start a blog' on the never ending To Do list! I can now tick that one off with gusto.

Darn It & Stitch is a little tiddler of a shop nestled down the side of Oxford Town Hall. I like to think it is maybe one of the smallest haberdasheries ever,* and we all know that the best things come in small packages.

The shop contains silky, squidgey yarns, vintage bits and bobs, useful bits of haberdashery hardware and quite possibly the finest selection of ribbon in Oxford. The 'cream off the top' if you like, we are a deli of delights for anyone who loves a stitch or two.

We have stocked various fabrics over the last two years, and at last the time has come to expand the range. We are going to squeeze as many bolts of lovely cotton fabrics in as these four small walls will allow. Here is a taster of the first batch - and there are many more to come.

(* I obviously need to check this out before I start to claim such a thing!)


  1. Hello Jo! Welcome to Blogland .. I have been mostly absent from it lately - you need to make a badge for other people to put on their blogs. ;)

  2. Hurray! Can't wait for all the blog-based haberdashery deliciousness that is coming our way. Love JuliaB's idea of a blog badge - do it, do it! xx

  3. Hello Ladies,

    I can send you the code for the button if you email

  4. The new fabrics look scrummy - will have to pop in and sample a couple!