Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My introduction to yarn beige here thanks!

Earlier this year I whizzed off to the Shropshire hills to work for two days with the lovely Fiona Nisbit to learn as much as I could about hand dyeing yarns. And oh my goodness...a new obsession has been born!

In Fiona's cosy workshop (trying to avert my eyes from the shelves of wool shaped goodness - blinkers on dear!) we bubbled and boiled, painted and dripped, squirted and squeezed and suddenly blank became beautiful!

 The main thing I had to grasp was you cant really predict what is going to happen...these pesky liquids move, and those colours really morph into each other. I am sure there are ways of regulating it and more seasoned hand dyers will have their ways, but hey I am new to this! The creative control demon on my shoulder had to go on a short break while I embraced the unpredictability. I have now learnt that's obviously the magic of it.

I took my fresh experimental skeins to the shop, and there I carefully placed them on the counter hoping for the best, and you lovely yarn fans bought them! All of them! So, inspired and pumped by the feedback I am now on a dying- of -yarn roll. I am happy to announce that Darn It & Stitch now has an in -house yarn range. Hurrah!

The batches are small, and maybe two or three skeins of each colour are made so completely unique. The yarn is super, super soft. A delicious blend of baby alpaca, cashmere and silk. My personal favorites all rolled into one lovely, lovely yarn!  I don't  fancy ever try to re create the colours, so each batch will be new, different, and there will never be a beige. You may have noticed we don't really 'do' beige.

I will be in the shop all Valentines weekend with my latest batch, so come and say hello. Although you may have to prise the yarn from my hands.

The latest batch...arriving Saturday 13th February!

My first bash at Rainbow dyes....lush!
Coral on sparkly Merino

Blue and green should never be seen...what a load of tosh!


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