Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hands up! Who wants to run a Haberdashery?

Yes, big news. HUGE news! Darn It & Stitch is looking for a new (very special) owner!

It has taken me an incredibly long time to decide upon this, and it was finally settled upon during a very long walk along a Welsh beach at sunset, with my dog. I can highly recommend this technique when it comes to Major Life Decisions. Find a beach, and borrow a dog if needs be.

There have been tears, but in my heart of hearts I know its time for me to move on to business pastures new. Therefore it is time to pass the Darn It & Stitch keys over to a lovely new Haberdasher.

In 2009 I started this business on a bag of beans and a jar of buttons. I never imagined it would have such fantastic support and develop and grow SO quickly as a much loved Oxford independent. It has been over six years now in the shop, and seven if you include the Year of the Thermals being me on a market stall, but we are here.

So much has changed for me in that time, I have had children, moved away from Oxford (see the blogpost from June) and a new business project is being developed that needs my full attention. This new venture I am involved in is called JOLT, a creative social enterprise business working with those referred through the mental health services. Its exciting and came about through sheer chance, but has really got the business blood pumping.

So, upon discovering I am not really superwoman in disguise, and can't do it all,  its is time to find a new person to take over the job of local Haberdasher! Its been really good to me over the years, the friendships, connections and opportunities that have come from it are too many to list. Its great fun, and doesn't really feel like a job. Granted it is hard work, but someone has to test and select all that yarn. Its tough gig right?!

So there we go, consider that big bit of news delivered!

Until the right person comes along, its business as usual. Makiko and Jenny will be there, and I will continue to pop in and out as I do.

If you find yourself genuinely interested in this opportunity, you can email me jo@darnitandstitch.com and we can have a chat....

See you all soon,